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The Hoka Rocket X2 review, by IronMan champion Michelle Enslin

As an avid runner, I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Hoka SUPERSHOE. How can top athletes like JAN FRODENO, EMMA PALANT BROWN, and MERANDA CAFRY race in Hoka without a comparable shoe to some other brands that are receiving media hype? Clearly, they know something we do not…

My hopes were answered when Annalise SCHOLTZ, a notable ultra and road runner, posted a picture of a shoe I had never seen before in the Hoka group, the Rocket X 2. I had an upcoming race in less than a week and it was a big one, Ironman SA, and this was a sign from the running shoe gods. I needed to find a pair.

I immediately messaged Jacques, the Hoka athlete manager in South Africa, and he confirmed that they were available but needed to check if they had my size in stock. After some anticipation, the shoes were available, and I was filled with excitement. The courier sent the shoes and arrived on Thursday in PE.

When I finally laid eyes on the shoe, it was love at first sight. It was easy on the eye, felt beautiful in hand, light, and balanced. The support on the inside area around the heel was remarkable and something that some shoes lack, causing concern for runners during a marathon.


On race day, I felt a million emotions, but with the HOKA ROCKET X 2, I felt exceptional. The forward propulsion of the shoe was on another level, and the comfort and support it offered were simply sensational. I did not experience the hard snap back breaking down of the quads, and the game changer came in the last 10km. Rather than worrying about finishing the race, I felt like I could run harder.

The Hoka ROCKET X2 is an excellent shoe that limits fatigue, offers huge forward propulsion, support, and eliminates drooping in. It is fast, pretty, and deserves a place in your closet. With this shoe, you can Fly and have no limits.

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