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Hoka Rincon 3


A shoe that will ease any beginner runner into a new addiction. A review by Jacques Janse van Rensburg ex Professional cyclist.

As an avid cyclist with no prior experience in running, transitioning to running without injury was a challenge. After battling with injuries for months, I sought advice from physios, semi-pro runners, and coaches, but it was eventually clear that I needed a shoe that offered ample cushioning and a lower drop from heel to toe for a more neutral foot position.

The shoes I previously ran in had a higher drop, between 8-10mm with low to average stack height and cushioning, so I decided to try the HOKA Rincon 3. The results were amazing and satisfying, as I was able to push my limits and increase my weekly distance, taking my running to the next level.

For anyone starting to run with short distances, requiring a shoe with lower drop and ample cushioning, I highly recommend the HOKA Rincon 3. Despite its high cushioning value and stack height , the shoe is very lightweight, weighing only 210 grams for the pair. It provides a smoother ride with less heel-to-toe drop transfer, which saved my ankles, and the cushioning reduced the impact on my knees considerably. The shoe’s minimalistic upper moulds perfectly around the bridge of my foot, making it incredibly comfortable. The vented-mesh upper also provides ample cooling on hot summer days. Overall, the HOKA Rincon 3 is an excellent shoe for those seeking comfort and support while running.

This high performance, yet comfy shoe will also not break the bank with the RRP set at R2599





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